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Configuring a simple set of asymmetric VLANs on a D-Link DGS-1210 series smart switch
Extending asymmetric VLANs onto a second D-Link DGS-1210 series smart switch


About spam - What is spam (of the e-mail type), and what to do about it
Tracing spam - How to trace the sender of spam
A creative "Nigerian letter"- For your entertainment and education, and an eye-opener for the would-be fools who, now and then, still fall for this type of scam.
A Nigerian letter from Spain - Also for your entertainment and education, a Nigerian letter delivered to me by ordinary mail.
The "Russian Doll" Nigerian letter - A scam-within-scam-within-scam Nigerian letter.
A fake ransom demand - A demand for the payment of ransom, which actually turns out to be a probable mass-mailing. Updated
Fake police summons

Internet-related laws

Copyright, patents and trademarks - A simple discussion.

Older pages, no longer relevant to the present situation

Spambait - A program for generating millions of false e-mail addresses to put as bait on your web site, read the instructions and download the program