Pages on my work as a palaeobiologist

For several years I worked as a university researcher in palaeobiology, marine biology and related fields, including computer modelling of molluscan shell growth, mainly at universities and research institutions in Germany, USA, Sweden and Japan.

I subsequently switched to working as a technical writer, software developer and IT consultant at private companies in 2007, and retired in 2019. I am continuing my scientific publishing on an occasional basis, on my own terms, and on any subject I happen to be interested in, exclusively as a hobby and personal interest (and among several other personal interests that compete for my time).

If you are a potential PhD student and are reading this page in order to find a PhD supervisor and/or a sponsor for a PhD fellowship, I am neither interested in, nor available for, these purposes. I am also unable to recommend a suitable PhD supervisor or sponsor in Sweden, or any other country.

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