Privacy and cryptography

A few simple definitions on privacy and cryptography

Text of the agreement between USA and Sweden "on cooperation in science and technology for homeland security matters" or a locally stored copy here if the original link does not work from your location (access from some locations is blocked by the Swedish Government server at the above URL).

Privacy in stored data - How safe and private is data stored on a hard disk? When is it really erased from a hard disk?

My position on privacy and cryptography - Personal reflections on the usefulness of, and need for, privacy in the context of Internet and personal computers.

Thought exercise: destroying a hard disk - You may wish to permanently destroy the information contained on a hard disk that is no longer needed. How would you do it in practice?

Thought exercise: destroying a memory card - Memory cards often contain personal information. How do you permanently destroy this information with practical methods and no need of special equipment or software?

Thought exercise: destroying an SSD New- Solid State Disks are increasingly common. However, they pose specific privacy concerns. Is it possible to completely wipe an SSD?