Functional morphology of the invertebrate skeleton

edited by Enrico Savazzi, published by John Wiley & Sons, 1999

This is the table of contents of a book on functional morphology I edited.

Complete reference:

Savazzi, E. (ed.) 1999: Functional morphology of the invertebrate skeleton. xi + 706 pages, John Wiley & Sons, Chichester. ISBN 04719777764.

Savazzi, E. - Preface.

Ideas, methods and tools

  1. Savazzi, E. - Introduction to functional morphology.
  2. Minelli, A. - Comparative issues: homology, homoplasy and evolution in functional adaptation.
  3. Paul, C.R.C. - The paradigm method.
  4. Vincent, J. - Determining the physical properties of skeletal materials.
  5. Gunji, Y.-P., Kusunoki, Y. and Ito, K. -Pigmentation of molluscs: how does global synchronisation arise?
  6. Savazzi, E. - Three-dimensional colour patterns.
  7. Parker, A. - Invertebrate structural colours.
  8. Purnell, M.A. and Donoghue, P.C.J. - Flattened fossils, physical modelling, and the restoration of collapsed skeletons.
  9. Savazzi, E. - Computational modelling of flattening, shear distortion and disarticulation.
  10. Savazzi, E. - A few techniques for observing and documenting behaviour and morphology.
  11. Savazzi, E. - Soft-bottom dwellers and the Leaning Tower of Pisa: adaptive exploitation of unstable life positions.
  12. Purnell, M.A. - Conodonts: functional analysis of disarticulated skeletal structures.


  1. Paul, C.R.C. - Terrestrial gastropods.
  2. Kohn, A.J.- Anti-predator defences of gastropod shells.
  3. Savazzi, E. - Cemented and embedded gastropods.
  4. Reyment, R.A. - Drilling gastropods.
  5. Savazzi, E. - Boring, nestling and tube-dwelling bivalves.
  6. Hewitt, R.A. - Introduction to Cephalopoda.
  7. Tanabe, K. and Fukuda, Y. - Morphology and function of cephalopod buccal mass.
  8. Westermann, G.E.G. - Life habits of Palaeozoic nautiloids.

    Box 1. Westermann, G.E.G. - Were all nautiloids neutrally buoyant?

  9. Westermann, G.E.G. and Tsujita, C.J. - Life habits of ammonoids.
  10. Doyle, P. - Functional morphology of the coleoid shell.
  11. Vincent, J.F.V. and Gower, D. - Structure of the cuttlefish phragmocone.
  12. Hewitt, R.A. - Variation in the tensile strength of nacreous septa.
  13. Yochelson, E. - Scaphopods.


  1. Alexander, R.R. - Function of external skeletal characteristics of articulate brachiopods.
  2. Alexander, R.R. - Function of shell microstructure and internal morphology of articulate brachiopods.
  3. McGhee, G.R. - The optimum biconvex brachiopod in the theoretical spectrum of shell form.
  4. McGhee, G.R. - Stability strategies and ordinal shell form variation in brachiopods: a theoretical perspective.
  5. McGhee, G.R. - The theoretical enigma of non-biconvex brachiopod shell form.
  6. McGhee, G.R. - Morphological consequences of mass extinction in brachiopods: a theoretical perspective.


  1. McKenzie, K.G. & Chen P. - Kazachartra.
  2. McKenzie, K.G., Angel, M.V., Becker, G., Hinz-Schallreuter, I., Kontrovitz, M., Parker, A.R., Schallreuter, R.E.L. and Swanson, K.M. - Ostracods.
  3. Abe, K., Reyment, R.A. and Shinozaki, F. - Functional morphology and sexual dimorphism in the bioluminescent ostracod Vargula hilgendorfii and related species.
  4. Taylor, R.S. and Schram, F.R. - Meiura (anomalan and brachyuran crabs).
  5. Savazzi, E. - A few case-histories for cirripeds.
  6. Fortey, R.A. and Owens, R.M. - The trilobite exoskeleton.

Other phyla

  1. Donovan, S.K. - Echinoderms and calcichordates.

    Box 1. Donovan, S.K. - Symmetry of the echinoderms.
    Box 2. Donovan, S.K. - The absence of contractile tissues in the crinoid column.
    Box 3. Donovan, S.K. - Feeding, skeletal structure and musculature in Palaeozoic asteroids.

  2. Savazzi, E. - Serpulid polychaetes.
  3. Rickards, B. and Rigby, S. - Graptolites.
  4. Taylor, P.D. - Bryozoans.
  5. Young, G.A. - Colony type and growth form in fossil colonial corals.
  6. Young, G.A. - Fossil colonial corals: growth patterns and coral-substrate relationships.