The politically correct page  


The contents of this page are guaranteed to be politically correct. They are approved by all religions and all political parties, contain a rigorous and impartial discussion of ethics, sex, death and afterlife, crime, race and ethnicity, social injustice, disease and violence. They have passed the scrutiny of the information services of all countries, make no unjustified medical, spiritual, industrial or commercial claims, express no unjustified preconceptions, and are certified to contain only universal truths.

Unavoidably, such groundbreaking contents need to be slightly moderated. The world is already full of kooks and wackos ready to take action on a faulty understanding of these powerful truths (or no understanding thereof). Thus, some of the potentially most controversial truths on this page needed to be slightly censored, to protect these simple souls from harming themselves and others. However, you can still enjoy reading the rest and filling in the blanks with your imagination.

                                                                                                                                                    , however,